Acceptable Use Policy



This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) sets forth the principles that govern the use by customers of the Web-based products and services provided by TONCOM, INC. This AUP is designed to help protect our customers, and the Internet community, from irresponsible, abusive or illegal activities.

General Violations

This AUP identifies the actions that TONCOM, INC considers to be Prohibited Actions (meaning those actions which create denial of access or impediment of service).

Prohibited Actions: General Terms and Conditions of Use

         Copying/duplicating the Licensed Product or creating subsets or derivative databases from the Database, except for personal use only.

         Assigning, selling or passing along the Licensed Product.

         Publishing or otherwise disseminating the Licensed Product or creating subsets or derivative databases from the Database for commercial use or sale.

         Providing services for a fee using the Licensed Product or any subsets or derivatives thereof.

         Allowing data from the Licensed Product to be made available to others or downloading the Licensed Product onto any electronic storage media or distributing or transferring the Database or Search Results in any form (printed, electronically relayed, posted to public list services or bulletin boards, or magnetically stored) to, or for the benefit, of others.

         Unauthorized distribution of passwords and/or access codes is strictly prohibited.

         Institutional users should contact their Site Administrator regarding the General Terms and Conditions of their License Agreement.

Prohibited Actions: Impersonation/Forgery

         Adding, removing, or modifying identifying network header information (aka "spoofing") in an effort to deceive or mislead.

         Attempting to impersonate any person by using forged headers or other identifying information.

Prohibited Actions: Network unfriendly activity

         Any activities which adversely affect the ability of other people or systems to use TONCOM, INC services or the Internet are prohibited. This includes "denial of service" attacks against the TONCOM, INC servers, network hosts or individual user.

Prohibited Actions: Commercial e-mail

         Sending unsolicited commercial e-mail. Using a TONCOM, INC e-mail or Website address to distribute commercial e-mail is prohibited.

         Sending large volumes of unsolicited e-mail (aka "mail bombing") is prohibited.

Prohibited Actions: Access control and Authentication

         Attempting to circumvent user authentication or security of any host, network, or account (aka "cracking") is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, accessing data not intended for the customer, logging into a server or account the customer is not expressly authorized to access, or probing the security of TONCOM, INC servers and networks.

Prohibited Actions: Proxy Hunters, Spiders, Robots

         Using any program/script/command, or sending messages of any kind, designed to interfere with a Users session, by any means, locally or by the Internet.


TONCOM, INC reserves the right to monitor Internet access to the TONCOM, INC services by authorized User(s)/Licensee(s), as part of the normal course of its business practice. Should TONCOM, INC discover User(s) engaged in Prohibited Actions as outlined above, which create denial of access or impediment of service, and which adversely affect TONCOM, INCís ability to provide services; TONCOM, INC reserves the right to temporarily suspend User/Licensee access to the TONCOM, INC Host Server and/or Database. TONCOM, INC shall make written/electronic notification to User or Licensee point of contact of any temporary suspension, and the cause thereof, as soon as reasonably possible. This temporary suspension will remain in effect until the Prohibited Actions have ceased.